Tuesday, June 09, 2009

auringonpyydys / the suntrap

Liisulle myös hulmuhelma. Vanha kunnon vanha lakana taipuu edelleen hameeksi. Viime kesänä myös.
Jospa tämä keltainen narraisi auringon esille.

Twirly skirt for Liisu too. It´s made of a good old sheet. Just like last summer.
Maybe this yellow will trick the sun to come out.
(Finnish summer is all about the weather: waiting for sun, beeing amazed if it shines and feeling blue if the skyes are grey. I try my best to not to complain if it gets too hot and try to remember it lasts only for very little time. The weather and the summer.)


Liivia said...

No jollei tolla lämmintä aurinkoa irtoa, niin ei sitten millään:)

MinnaK said...

Ihania kuvia!

Anonymous said...

We have the same sorts of summers here in my part of the world. Also +6 and grey for us today.

Anonymous said...

it's simply beautiful. wishing you many sunny days to come, Puhti.