Monday, July 13, 2009

mustikoita, mansikoita / blueberries, strawberries


Windsting said...

Your woods look like ours. Amor a ti, Anna.

dottyspots said...

Oh wild strawberries! I love being able to pick them at my mothers. They are one of the most wonderful tastes (so much sweeter - they pack a punch for something so very tiny).

The blueberries are probably 'bilberries' in English (there are a couple of other names). I called them blueberries for years because my mother is Norwegian and that's what I learnt, but I found out (fairly recently) that they are more commonly called bilberries and that blueberries are the cultivated version on the larger bushes (not close to the ground).

I've finally found the English names for all sorts of berries that grow in Scandinavia that I've been using the Norwegian for for years (only took me to my 30s to find out ;0)

Anonymous said...